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Hidden bunkers in the city

Just a few weeks ago I visited The Port House by Zaha Hidid for the first time. On my way over there, my boyfriend (a true Antwerp expert) pointed out these atomic bunkers scattered al over the city.

Being a brutalist lover, I was intrigued immediately. So after some research online I discovered that there are about 40 of these bunkers still standing in Antwerp. Check this website if you want more historic information.


Apparently these ‘atomic’ bunkers are build between¬†1954-1955 with a capacity from 6 up to 126 persons. They are not strong enough to stand in an Atomic attack nor are they large enough to harbor all Antwerp inhabitants. That’s how we roll in Belgium haha.

I’m guessing they have little to none functionality anymore. Since they are re-building the quayes, I think they will disappear soon. So if you want, hop on your bike, just like I did. Go and check them out. Here’s a map for you so you can easily find them.



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