Las Vegas > Old vegas - just outside the city center is where you want to be
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Las Vegas Old Town

Las Vegas Old Town.

I absolutely do not like Vegas – the new part that is – AKA ‘the strip’. I know that it’s a bold thing to say but it’s true. Unless you have heeps of cash lying around that you want to get rid of, it’s not all that fun.

I’d rather go to Paris to see the Eiffel tower and visit Venetia to wander it’s canals. The fake look-a-likes in Vegas are loud, knock-off versions of reality, topped with an icing of overcrowded, loud and rude people. I know, haters gonna hate.. but for me it was like that.

So when we had to stop for the second time on our 7k roadtrip through the USA, I was all about ‘nah, I ain’t going anywhere but my hotel room tonight’. That is, until I discovered the beauty of Old Las Vegas or Freemont Street. I read about it in my 36h in USA guide and got all exited to give this city a second chance. And boy, did I love it.




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