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Pacific Coast Highway >> Route One

The pacific Coast Highway -or Route One-  is designated as an All-American Road. This piece of information, combined with my love for bridges, made this route a must do for me.

The only way into the Big Sur coast is along the winding and breathtaking California Highway 1 aka The Pacific Coast Highway.

First on my checklist:

Monterey. Being a European, not all that interesting to visit but nevertheless a nice surrounding to take 5 from all that driving. It’s a lot of fun to have lunch while staring at the sea looking for sea lions and whales.


17 mile drive – Pebble beach

Just a few miles from Monterey you find Pebble Beach and the 17 mile drive.  The 17 Mile Drive is a scenic drive in the gated community of Pebble Beach.  Non-residents must pay a toll of $9.75 to get into the community – but you get a map with your admission, and once in, you can travel at your leisure visiting the many scenic vistas and pull-outs along the drive.  The map gives you a bit of information about each of the stops.

17 mile drive

For me, the drive was wel worth the time. We saw several animals (seals amongst others) and again a beautiful piece of nature. The funny fact that Clint Eastwood was the Mayor there for one term in the late 1980s and that you can’t wear heels over over two inches high, is an added bonus.

Bixby Bridge and the Big Sur

Driving further to Cambria, we soon crossed Bixby Bridge. One of the most photographed bridges in California due to its aesthetic design, graceful architecture and magnificent setting. We visited the bridge on a very foggy day but it still was overwhelming and it got me some nice pictures. Check out more pictures of the bridge here.

Once I crossed the Bixby Bridge I headed straight to Los Angeles with one overnight stop in Cambria. It was already end of season when I visited and the weather was bad so we didn’t do anything worth mentioning.

The next day, after a short night, we headed further down to L.A. Visiting Santa Monica Pier just before hitting the city of Angels.

More information about the Pacific Coast Highway

check out this website

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