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Monument Valley


Once upon a time in the West, Back to the future III and many many more movies were shot in this scenic classic American landscape.

For me, it was the famous scene from the Forrest Gump movie (where he decides to stop running) that intrigued me. 

Monument Valley is a remote place to visit. So since we were in ‘the neighborhood’, why not check out this magnificent place.


USA – Arizona/Utah

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is located on the Navajo Nation – one of the largest American Indian tribes. This sandy preserve bathes the region between Arizona and Utah in rich red hues, adding to its reputation of having some of the most dramatic and mesmerizing light.



Navajo Name: Tse’Bii’Ndzisgaii
Elevation: 5,564′ above sea level
Size: 91,696 acres
(extends into Arizona & Utah)

official website

How to visit

Monument Valley has one entrance off U.S. Highway 163 in Utah, between the small towns of Mexican Hat and Kayenta. It’s about 2.5 hours from Moab, Utah, and about 2 hours from Page, Arizona.

The entrance Fee will cost you $20 per car for vehicles holding up to 4 people (it’s $10 per person beyond 4). I highly recommend to drive the 17-mile Loop Road. Backcountry tours are extra.

Navajo Spirit Tours, which cost $75 per person. The “classic” Monument Valley tour is the most popular, though most companies also offer tours to places like Mystery Valley, Hunts Mesa, and Teardrop Arch if you want to get off the beaten path.

When to visit: Monument Valley is open to visitors every day of the year except Christmas and New Year’s Day. It’s busiest during the summer and school holidays.

We were up at 5am to see the sunrise. It’s a beautiful moment to take pictures. As is the sunset but be warned: it gets really chilly!


There’s only one hotel inside the boundary of the tribal park, and that’s The View (which is exactly what you’ll be paying for). Goulding’s Lodge is just outside the entrance and is almost like a small village itself. Unfortunately nothing else is very close. You can stay in Kayenta or Mexican Hat, or check out the Desert Rose Inn & Cabins in Bluff, Utah (roughly 40 miles from Monument Valley).


We stayed in an Airbnb Tent organized by a native American. It was incredible to sleep beneath the starry open sky, (and yes, that little blue box is the toilet).